Christan JaLon • “I Do”




Moving with serendipity and an effortless sense of modulation, Christian JaLon proclaims pure adoration towards her partner and the love they've fostered over time with "I Do.” It’s a charming tune produced by Myles August that interpolates dialogue from the Chicago-based film, Love Jones, to broaden its context.

In line with the record, it’s accompanying video is inspired by Theodore Witcher’s “cult classic,” as JaLon transports her artistic expressions and declaration of love in front of the lens under the creative direction of Leslie Frempong.

Stripped from the fear of vulnerability, JaLon’s dulcet and tender tone makes for an intimate experience both live and on record. Catch one of her sets and it’ll give you the sensation that she’s singing directly to and from the heart. In fact, having the leisure of catching her set during AV Exchange back in September, JaLon’s performance led me to her EP, If You Let Me, and ultimately its seventh track: “I Do.” Watch the video above and if you like what you hear, make sure to check out our Home Team feature here.