Mylo Point • "Call U Mine"

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Mylo Reyes is a prolific musician, known for his other projects Ano-Ba and Dude Same. His latest release comes under the new name Mylo Point, representing a distinct shift into dreamy, pleasant pop that feels right. His blurry voice sounds full over the production. It’s tough to make out what he’s saying at times, but it all makes sense when the chorus hits. The production has a lovely guitar twang over some spare drums, injecting horns and synths tastefully. Simple and well executed, the song is a win for him.

While Reyes is no stranger to the live circuit, he is unsure when Mylo Point will be ready to perform live. The project is in a state of infancy and he is still wrangling with demos. This first offering feels like it will resonate well and will hopefully get a live show together sooner rather than later. Check out the debut single ‘Call You mine’ below and read our Q&A with Mylo Reyes.

Find out more about Mylo Point and the new single in our Exclusive Q&A below!

How did you decide to start this new project? How does it differ from Ano Ba?

I got in this odd mood and wrote a handful of demos that were optimistic, sweet and bouncy. Nothing like any of my other projects. And I’m like “I think this is a thing now.”

The decision to start a new project rather than create a new album signifies a need for seperation. What about the sound gives the project a distinctive feeling?

With my band, Dude Same, we write as a trio, so inherently we sound different than just me. As Ano Ba, the primary influences are hip-hop and r&b. I lean away from my inherent dweebiness. I talk about darker, moodier topics.

With Mylo Point, I want to be as dorky as possible. It’s very inspired by sugary, maybe even corny pop songs. It’s less about existentialism and compositionally less melancholy. I want people to hear these songs and feel cute.

The song has a feeling of longing and vulnerability, yet feels fun and optimistic. Do you consider the song hopeful?

I think so. It started out as a sad song. But there’s a moment of clarity when you figure out what you want to look for and it’s a hopeful feeling.

Can you talk about your process when it comes to production? How did you create all the sounds?

I record demos in my bedroom. I recorded the guitars at Soul Honey Records in Pilsen. The drums, synths and vocals I did at home in Logic.

What are the plans with Mylo Point? Are you playing any shows or do you plan on this being more limited?

It would be really cool to do shows eventually. I have a lot of demos to work out. I’m not really how this stuff would translate to live, if it’d be just me, a laptop and a guitar or if other people would be playing with me. For now, I’m just writing when I can.

Can you comment on the cover art?

It’s just a stock image I found. I like it because the colors are soft and inviting but for whatever reason it feels lonely. I don’t want to ride the bike. It looks nice where it is, I’d rather leave it alone.

Additional Facts:

Kevin Cairns did the mix for this song. Kevin makes things sound so much better. He even added some horns that follow my guitar solo melody. We’ve been friends since college and have been working together on music since 2012. He lives in Detroit now, but we still work together on any music I do.