Cory Rhymal • "Possum"

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Chronicling the twists and turns of life, Cory Rhymal enters the week on a high note with his latest Stripmall Productions visual "Possum", featuring production from LBoogie of THEMpeople. In the song Cory dismantles any preconceived notions of where he stands on things such as labels, outside opinions, and the path he's taken to reach his goals. You can tell by his whirlwind of rhymes that Cory intended to leave this beat "lifeless" like the title insists. But with his laid back delivery, Cory Rhymal's steady onslaught of lines gives the track a slow enjoyable death one bar at a time. Hip hop has been a major part of Cory's upbringing for quite some time, and his new song "Possum" is a another step toward making his presence felt in an industry that has shown him so much over the years.

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Born in LA, Cory Rhymal spent time growing up in South Carolina, and Arizona before eventually settling down in Chicago. By the age of 14, hip hop became nothing short of higher calling for Cory, and he's had no problem letting people know ever since. Landing in Chicago during the turbulence of a child custody battle, Cory explains that the Windy City became a safe haven for his creative development, "During my custody battle in South Carolina, I was driving 13 hour trips, consistently, just to be here making music. I was going through one of the most challenging times in my life..." 

Looking at the road ahead with a renewed vigor for success, along with a new project on the way, Cory Rhymal intends on making a positive impact on the community as well, "Outside of the music, a lot of the homies and I are focused on putting together some community outreach programs. Most of the focus is around homelessness and basic needs for children because when it boils down to it, this is really more than music." 

Find out more about Cory Rhymal and the new song with our exclusive Q&A below!

Your sound often projects a dark tone over laid back production. Will these elements be recurring themes on your project?

I was playing around with a lot of different sounds on 'Processing The Process', but I feel I’ve found my tone in what’s coming up. The darker, heavier sounds and tones are prevalent in what’s coming. I got some bops too though.

What aspects of this particular song do you feel are reflected in the video the most?

Stripmall really bodied the whole visual haha!

I came up with having my gf, Savannah Jhené, rap the verses in the video during my custody battle, when every picture/video/song of me was being twisted and used against me in court. After winning full custody, the idea just stuck. I made that chair out of real possum fur. I feel the whole video draws the listener into what’s being said lyrically. 

Can you tell me any specific experiences that inspired you to write this song?

I touch on so much in the song. In my life it’s kinda like I’ve lived 5 different lives to get to this one. 

“...Time lapses in that damn cage, U ever watch a man age, 5 years in 10 days? Does anyone question perception? Deception from inception gotta fuck with your incentives..” one of my favorite parts of the track.

From a father to another father, What are some struggles you have and are currently facing while pursuing your passion in music?

Honestly, to even get to this point of being a full time father and havin sole custody was the worst experience of my life. To not know where your child is. To not know if she’s ok or if you’re ever going to get her back. Going $50k in lawyer debt for a custody battle. 

Every “struggle” at this point is only as hard as I make it. I’m blessed to have the most amazing little girl. I might miss some functions in the city that I wish I could be at (I don’t have family or a babysitter in the city), but having my lil girl home outweighs all that shit.

Name 2-3 Chicago artists or producers you’d like to work with in the near future?

I’ve done shit with some of the best lowkey (THEMPeople, Qari, Mulatto, Mick Jenkins, OnGaud, Stock Marley, TheMind, Luke Almighty,Jean Deaux...), who I’m all about making future music with.

I’m all for making something epic on Pluto’s (Pluto Nash) beats. Creating with Lucki would be cool too.