Stan Sono • "Rodeo"

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Stan Sono has intense loyalty to Chicago, the city that welcomed him to America after spending the first 6 years of his life in Ukraine. He loves the diverse nature of the city and its hustler’s mentality. His move to America forced him to learn English quickly, turning to music as a way to jump-start that process. He immersed himself in all aspects of music making while he was in high school and has now been recording for 10 years, working with great artists like G-Herbo and Kami.


Sono’s latest single “Rodeo” is a fun party anthem that both relaxed and vibey while maintaining an upbeat tempo. Sono’s voice sounds solid over the track, sitting in nicely with be beat, integrating into the sound as a whole and allowing the punch lines to stand out. While his sound is definitely rooted in Chicago, this track pays homage to the fantastic feeling of the West Coast. It fits right into what the Summer should feel like.

Find out more about Stan Sono and the new single in our exclusive Q&A below!

What are some experiences that inspired this particular song?

I actually added Rodeo recently and I’m super glad I did cuz I think it’s a perfect vibe to start out the rollout for this project. It’s a feel good summer track that embodies the idea of the “Fantasies” title and concept even more than the other songs. A lot of what I wrote about, I tapped into certain past trips to LA, Vegas, Florida, etc. This song is about you and your girl living the high life. I wanted to incorporate a vacation type vibe you know plus everything you could do if it was your fantasy dream vacay and you tellin your shorty this could be us all the time type shit - “jetski’s champagne on ice, feel the summer breeze, i’ll change your life”

What new aspects have you incorporated into your creative process while on this new project?

This project is totally different than my last. I wanted to come correct with this one in the sense that the landscape of music has changed a lot since last year when I dropped Infatuated.  Rather than making another slow, moody body of work these songs on Fantasies are for the most part all uptempo, bright, fun records. No break up songs or sad songs, all love, sex, romance on here. Also I wanted to make sure my vocal range stands on this project. I think you’ll see what I mean when you hear the title track, “Fantasies”

Aside from the new project, what else are you excited about this year?

I been working on a lot of demos with my body V3ry Rich who co-produced my EP with me. I think I’m goin to drop a few more projects before the year is done, maybe a collab project with a rapper from Chicago. I want to start writing and producing for other notable artists too because my ultimate goal is to not only be looked upon as a recording artist but songwriter and producer as well. I’m excited about Jabari Parker joinin the Bulls yo foreal!

Pick 2 or 3 Chicago artists you hope to work with in the future. What aspects of their work attracts you the most?

I would of course have to put Kanye as my #1. I could write a full blown thesis on Ye but just know, to me, I think he’s probably the most creative artist of our generation musically and visually. #2 I’d have to say Chance, I love what he stands for as a person and Chicagoan and I think his music is getting better as he keeps droppin more heat. That “I Might Need Security” record is fire. If I had to pick a 3rd artist and this is someone I think Imma work with sooner or later, I’d say Phor. Him & I been overdue for a session, he’s got mad bars and I just wanna give him a raw ass track with a hit hook so he can go crazy!