DIVMOND • "I'm Not Sayin'"

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Photo by Rena Nalstas

DIVMOND’s debut single is a fluid showcasing of his laid-back flow, strong voice, and budding production skills. Already making waves as a featured artist, he closed off 2017 with a collaboration with local producers Café Disko to release the single “We Came To Dance” and kicked off 2018 with “HXTBXX”, a collaboration with PVTSTCK producer, IKON. Both tracks were big and poppy, and they proved that DIVMOND is able to resonate with large audiences.

“I’m Not Sayin'” sees him pivoting away from the heavy-hitting pop style, opting for more spaced out production and allowing his lyrics and vocals to work as the centerpiece. That’s not to say that the production falls into the background. Rather, it’s a driving beat with some playful notes around it creating a spacey feeling that gives the song a lighter touch. DIVMOND is a capable producer that’s playing with his sound, and this track is a good indication for the future in that it sounds original, yet has certain pieces that are reminiscent of other artists like Frank Ocean and Miguel. It’s a solid foundation to build upon.

Find out more about DIVMOND and the new single in our exclusive Q&A below!

This is your first release since teaming up with IKON for the big summer track HXTBXX. What are you hoping to showcase with this follow up?

With this song, I really want to give people a glimpse of my production and arranging skills. Most people only know me as a vocalist so this is a chance to showcase my other side.

You seem to set the vibe of your songs really well. Is most of your music inspired by your real life experiences?

100%. All my songs at this point bear real time truth. My music is a reflection of what I’m going through at the current moment.

Being a new artist, what can you tell new listeners about your sound? What are some of your main influences as an artist?

The sound is honest. I just want to be as unfiltered as I can. Not only do I think it’s most therapeutic that way, but I think it’s most relatable that way as well. My main influence as an artist comes from heart to hearts. I feel loaded with a bunch of material after a long conversation with a friend. I tend to have a lot of those.

You have remarkable command of your voice. Do you have any formal education in singing?

I sang choir in high school and had some vocal training in high school. I also sang in an acapella group called “vocal effect”.

What are some of your plans for the near future?

A handful of single releases in preparation for an EP. I’m taking the entire month of August to lock myself away and do just that.