Bryce Cashman & Miss Alex White • "Red Velvet"

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Video by JP Quindara and Brian Almalvez of Pogi Studios

Photo by Estevan Cruz

Music fans live for collaborations, an opportunity to see two artists come together for a purpose. Miss Alex White is a staple in the Chicago music scene as both an all-vinyl DJ and the frontman for White Mystery, a duo featuring her brother Francis on drums. She’s known for her dedication and hustle, as well as knowing damn-near everyone in the Chicago music scene. She’s achieved worldwide (we toured Japan and Europe relentlessly) national success, touring relentlessly, performing on NBC late night television “Last Call with Carson Daly” show, and having releases on beloved California tape label Burger Records. In short, she’s done and seen a lot, which is why it’s so exciting to see her team up with a brand new artist, still mostly unknown, and deliver a thudding rock track that will make you feel great.

Bryce Cashman’s potential is vast in that he may be a hero that the Chicago rock community didn’t know it needed. Standing tall and delivering performances that channel Jim Morrison and Marilyn Manson, he drives his music through dark-ritual-like drumming and big guitar sounds. His low growl works for his melancholy lyrics, and he’s able to vacillate between a disturbing low energy and violent outbursts.

Cashman stands alongside White as they crash their way through a performance, featuring the high-energy drumming of Robert Rashid. The video is clean and focuses on the performers, using light and color to create the action. Nothing flashy, just solid delivery and a lot of fun. This collaboration should put people on notice, not only because it’s a great song, but because it’s a great collaboration between an exciting newcomer and a strong veteran who believes in him.

Find out more about Bryce & Alex in our exclusive Q&A below!

Although Bryce hasn’t been in Chicago very long, the chemistry between you two is certainly felt. How did you two meet back in 2017?

It was at a late night jam session at the Soho House here in Chicago. I had not yet assembled my band or anything at that point so I was really just listening. We clicked pretty quickly after my roommate introduced us.

The song and video feel like they came straight from the 70’s. What, or who from that era has inspired your music the most?

There is definitely a sense of nostalgia in the track and the video. Rock is an American invention, fusing our indigenous roots in blues and country together. So I think it’s only natural that modern “rock musicians” seem to lean heavily on the decadence of that era. As far as specific inspiration goes, I could not pick out any one particular artist or thing that the track draws from more than any other.

Bryce, you’ve been recording music since early last year, with your background being primarily in poetry and writing, what about making music has been your biggest obstacle?

I thought I’d be a writer-- maybe a novelist or a screenwriter, but I knew the desire to become a performance artist was always subconsciously there. I just never really allowed myself to pragmatically conceive it.

As an artist, it’s easy to get caught up in extraneous things, and it makes you question your motivation. “What will people think?” is an assassin of good art. The biggest obstacle to making music-- or any organic endeavor, for that matter-- is yourself.  

Alex, what would you say about the creative process of your collaboration with Bryce differs the most from the work with your brother in White Mystery?

It’s awesome working with someone like Bryce, who has a clear, exciting, artistic, musical vision. I basically come into the studio with my guitar, listen to what Bryce drafted, then shred.

This is a different approach from White Mystery, where I’ve been responsible for 100% of the music composition and melody for 100 tracks since 2008.

Pick 2 or 3 Chicago artists you hope to work with in the future. What aspects of their work attracts you the most?

Mavis Staples + Chance the Rapper: Imagine a gospel, soul, rap, rock collaboration song from all Chicagoans--- we would light up the world together.