CMoneyWave • "Breathe"

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Premiering his new track, Calumet City native CMoneyWave hits us with his brand new banger titled “Breathe”. On the new song CMoney doesn’t hesitate getting into the swing of things, and the beat produced by Snapz seems like the perfect playground for CMoney’s intense flows. He’s been pursuing a career in rap music for the better part of eight years, and by the look of CMoneyWave’s polished delivery and rapid firing bars, it’s clear that he’s dedicated an extensive amount of time as a student of the game. “I have been pursuing music for quite sometime now since about 2009-2010. I was previously a part of a hip hop duo (Super Fresh Bros.) which ended almost 3 years ago and I have been solo ever since.”

Photo by Julien Carr

Since taking the reins of a newly minted solo career, CMoney exctied to give back to the city that helped make him who he is today. “I think just seeing everything and everyone around me make moves and get closer to their goals inspired me to do more as well and grind harder. Chicago can be a really tough crowd on new hip hop acts and indie artists so breaking through that mold allows for tougher skin. It’s like you’re battle tested at that point.”

CMoney’s been releasing quality tracks since about 2015. And although the music has been released sparingly, there’s no doubt that CMoneyWave knows what it takes to reach success. As seen with the song title, CMoney just needed a minute to “Breathe” before getting right back to business after the end of Super Fresh Bros. Nonetheless CMoney’s here and ready to make it all happen, “I’m working to make sure that not only Chicago but the world will recognize me as an artist and the movement that I am creating. I promise you the moneywave will continue to spread like crazy.”

Find out more about CMoneyWave and the new music in our Q&A below!

What are some events that inspired this particular song?

This song was actually one of the first songs I wrote when I was getting out of my writer’s block. For a few months I went through a really tough time and wasn’t writing any new music. This was one of the first songs I wrote so I felt like while they thought I was sleeping I was going through things but also plotting on my next move. So I gave folks a moment to breathe now it’s time to keep that foot on they necks.

All of your releases have come from different producers. What are some pros and cons you’ve come across working with different people?

Well some pros are definitely that I can get different vibes from every producer I work with. It’s like when you go to specific stores because they carry certain items you want. Same with me. If I need an uptempo type beat I know to go this way, if I need a smooth joint I know to go a different way. On the flip side though cons are that I don’t have a one stop shop. Like I don’t have a “40” like Drake does. I do hope to get to that point one day but until then, gotta do what I gotta do. 

Your quality of music has remained consistent over the past few years, but I noticed you’re very selective with how often you drop music. Can you tell us some of the advantages you’ve witnessed to strategizing your releases this way?

Well I always pride myself on quality, so first off thank you for noticing that lol. I also pride myself on being creative. So with spacing out releases, it allows for different creative directions to be taken on every release. I see a lot of artists gain from more frequent releases, but I like for my listeners to sit with and enjoy and it before coming with a new release. Like when you go to a restaurant, usually if you get an appetizer, they wait a little bit before putting the order in for your meal so that it’s synchronized. I’m the same way lol.

Pick 2 or 3 Chicago artists you hope to work with in the future. What aspects of their work attracts you the most?

Definitely MfnMelo, I feel like we are similar in regards to bars and wordplay. I think together we’d make something really dope. Next is Chris Crack, always been one of my favorite Chicago artists. The different flows and the wave he brings to songs can definitely match up with the wave that I bring on all my tracks. Plus we always been cool, just never got in the studio to knock out some music. I also want to work with a few non-rapping artists like Apache Grosse and Joslyn Marie. I’m sure we’ll connect in the future hopefully.