Eugene Taylor Brand: Equality in Creativity

About Equality in Creativity 

The Mission of Eugene Taylor has always been more than just forming a clothing brand. The ultimate goal is to impact the world in a positive way through the brand. Equality in Creativity impacts us directly because we live in the boundless, "anything goes" Creative realm where there are no rules. No time seemed better than now, to humanize and align Creatives with everyday challenges of overcoming inequality in their fields. Eugene Taylor Brand wanted to build the platform that allowed Creatives to begin the discussion. And so we did!

"This idea, that turned into reality, was made for the Creative Community. I am grateful to Alex Myung for sharing the same passion and wanting to impact the world in a positive way. He shot, edited and executed this film with my vision & heart in mind. Truly an honor to have collaborated with him and an absolute pleasure to have every speaker in this film involved, y'all special!" —Letesha Renee (Founder of ETB)

Documentary Premiere & Panel we're held at Low Res Studio. Panel speakers included: Colleen Mares, Peter Cottontale, Malcolm London & Fatimah Asghar

Photos courtesy of Roger Tino Morales

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Directed by Alex Myung