Musa Reems (Ft. Ajani Jones) • "IDGAF"

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Produced by Martin $ky

Today we premiere "IDGAF", the new song rom Musa Reems. Featuring Ajani Jones along with production from Martin $ky, "IDGAF" hits a home run with this talented roster of Chicago artists. "IDGAF" is a bonus track to Musa's last project Lately I've been Sol Searching 2, and is a thank you to the Chicago music community as a whole for their support of Musa's music and the arts in general. So while they may not GAF, they are certainly grateful for the fans and wanted to pay it forward with some new music. We caught up with Musa for a quick Q/A - if you're new to the music of this talented rapper, definitely continue reading, and make sure listen to the very hot "IDGAF". 

What's something new listeners should know about Musa Reems?
New listeners should know that I'm an emcee from the west side of Chicago and Woodside. I dropped two projects titled, Lately I've Been Sol Searching (November 14) and Lately I've Been Sol Searching 2 (March 2nd) with AEMMP Records within the last six months. When making music, I try to be as multifaceted as I possibly can. I like to try new things and I focus on my writing heavily while recording. I make each song like it's my last. I also love performing and bringing high energy during shows.
How was it working with Ajani Jones and Martin Sky on this track?
It was hella dope to work with Ajani and Martin on the track. My A&R, Tom Jackowski, reached out to Martin. One day, I was in the studio and he threw the beat on. He was like " I got something you should rap over." As soon as the beat came on, I immediately started writing. I loved it. We recorded my verse and the hook that day and sat on the track for a little while. I knew I wanted to have Ajani featured on it, but we like working on records in the same room, so we met up and finished it together. Martin laid the foundation for me and Ajani to go crazy, so it was a lot of fun creating "IDGAF".
What goals do you have for 2018?
My goals for 2018 are to release some visuals from Lately I've Been Sol Searching 2, continue to be a student of the craft, and work on it everyday. Be on the lookout for a video for "Lingo" in the next few weeks. I'll be doing shows in Chicago and out of the state pretty soon. I'm really excited about that. In terms of creating new music, I started working on new material and putting together a new project. I'm staying open minded and experimenting with new sounds. I want to relate to as many people as possible. I love collaborating with artists, so expect more features from me too. I have a great team around me and I'm focused on doing what I love the most, creating.
This track is a bonus to your project  Lately I've Been Sol Searching 2 - what message did you want to send with it?
I wanted to show my growth since making Lately I've Been Sol Searching 2. I want to keep myself and my listeners on their toes, while having a lot of fun with my music. With "IDGAF" I wanted to make something that shows how diverse my sound can get. It's a song about progression and letting everyone know it's okay to be yourself and be comfortable with every single part of you. I want everyone to turn up to this one.