James Cam'Ron • "6(666)"

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Premiering a new video, James Cam’Ron takes us onto a wild trip through his video game infested mind in his latest visual for “6(666)”. Directed by Peter Collins Campbell, the new video features a hyper-whimsical montage of Mario and Super Smash Brothers—a Nintendo gamer’s dream world. As the song lovingly blasts through some intense transitions of scenery, I can’t help but think of the caption beneath the track on Soundcloud, “My x once said I wanted to fuck every girl in the world. My response was don’t be ridiculous, six would be just fine.” After reading his statement, James’ new video and use of anime and nerd culture, relay nicely with the similar clues he hints to in the song. While combing through the layers of sound, it almost feels as if the track is designed to feel like it’s spiraling downward. Down, into the layer of the 6 God, where James Cam’Ron tells a story of love and commitment—with a great sense of humor of course.

Photo by Zoe Rain

Now 29, James looks to distinguish himself from other artists around Chicago. As an Englewood and Chatham native, James credits the south side for molding him into the man he his today. Since becoming more acquainted with the plight of an artist just five years ago, James has been sure to soak up as much knowledge from the rap game as possible. It isn’t always sweet in the music industry, but for someone like James, learning and adapting is all apart of the process. “Chicago’s biggest influence on my development has been getting to brush shoulders and share ideas with so many up and coming artist. I have had many chances to not only watch others grow but see what works for them and try to apply that to myself. Out of this I’ve learned a lot about engineering, production and web design from necessity.” As he looks to the future James Cam’Ron is excited to showcase all of his newfound skills with the world. Right now he’s working to start his soon to be “James Cam’s House” series sometime in June. Along with a project with the Rapper Chick’s Angel Davenport, James is also anxious to make the most of his new ideas, “Going forward expect to hear from me constantly. I’m releasing music. Working on an anime/gaming show. I’ve also partnered with 119 and have a new studio that I plan to use as a hub for everything I’m building.”

Get to know more about James Cam’Ron and the new video in the Q&A below!

What were you going through when you created this song?

When I made this song I was just getting serious in my last relationship. “My girl deserve a runway ain’t no wonder why I run em off.” It was actually the first song I had worked on for a while. I was also still fresh off that Fatman song so I was getting a taste of what being a local artist was like.

The concept of the video is something of a gamer’s dream, how did you and Peter Campbell bring these aesthetics to life?

I told Peter originally that I wanted to use the green screen to kinda be in the game, specifically Super Smash Bros. Peter hooked up a quick DIY mocap suit. The rest was just me wildin' on camera and some crazy effects that I believe his homie jake edited in. Shout out the editor. They don’t get enough credit.

What inspired the title “6(666)”?

The title comes from the hook. The 666 comes from my homie Rikkie who did the artwork. I went ahead and put it in the title because I like the symbolism. Mark of the beast and all that. (6 God)

I noticed the anime references in the video, namely the crossed out Konoha headband you were wearing. If this song were the character from the Naruto universe, who would it be?

If I had to think of one Naruto character that the song embodies, gotta be almighty Pervy Sage Jiraiya. Nobody other than Kakashi even comes close to the homie’s love of women. I however don’t condone sneaking into women’s bathing houses.