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Photo by  Layah Victoria

Much like the shadowy scenes of his new video, FAMOU$, aka Hesh God, won’t hesitate to bring a graphic sense of reality to his music. The new song “ONE TWO”, produced by Bradley Carter, sounds like a horror scene from start to finish. From the Freddy Krueger inspired hook to Hesh’s strong use of grim imagery, “ONE TWO” looks and feels like that punk house down the street— the one you never knew about—started throwing rap shows every Thursday in their basement. Connecting with director Brandon Holmes for the visual alley-oop, it’s safe to say that FAMOU$ is bent on painting his music under a different light this year around. Holmes, known for his work with CupcakKe, brings FAMOU$’ well versed sense of dark cinema to life in ways that we haven't seen from him before. It’s the perfect follow up to the chill aspects of “Venice Bowl” produced by Teddihendrix, released a couple weeks ago. After finding his way around the music scene for a handful of years, FAMOU$ looks like he’s ready to release a new body of work; C.A.R.D.I.E.L.,the new ep Hesh looks to drop very soon.

Like a lot of hip hop enthusiasts Hesh found solace in the art of freestyling, “I started rappin for fun like any other black kid at the lunch tables with the homies freestyling. I was trash but people fucked with it.” By his sophomore year of high school he began recording and pursuing music more seriously. Since then FAMOU$ has been steadily working at his craft, releasing stand out tracks like, “IMIGHTHITALICKINTHEMOSHPIT” (2017), and “OFF-WHITE” (2017) featuring Young Jasper. With each release FAMOU$ did well to separate himself from most rappers, especially so in the artwork, some of which resembling old school band shirts. He’s ready to keep that same momentum with his next project, “This is the second release ("ONE TWO") from my upcoming EP C.A.R.D.I.E.L. You can expect this near the end of May. Everything pretty much done, just in the process of finalizing and gettin' it right for the fans.”

Get more in touch with FAMOU$ with our Q&A below

What are some events that inspired this particular song?

A lot of fuckery honestly. Haha I’m not the type to self snitch so I don’t wanna go into too much detail but musically, I’m kickin' down doors this year. No matter what happens I’m comin at necks….watch.

In the song you’re very open about your upbringing and it shows in your music. Why do you feel it is important for artists to be honest about their life experiences over record?

Cause lying is stupid. Especially as an artist, not even in just rap but you can smell the foolery from a distance. I’ve watched too many artists have interviews and get caught up in the bullshit messin stories up. It’s the people who are genuine and actually real who stay relevant and prosper in life.

How did you and Brandon Holmes get in tune for this particular video? Do you plan on working together in the future?

I been fuckin' with bro for the longest. We had always planned out videos and after about half a year it was time. We both got similar mindsets so everything came out organically. We’ll be workin’ till the world blow.

Gauging the overall aesthetic of the video and the lyrics, I take it you’re a fan of horror films, does your upcoming project reflect a lot of the same vibes, or will it be a mix of styles and beats?

I fuck with not so much the horror/thriller side of movies but the artistry from dark directors from movies like Donnie Darko, The Machinist, and Predestination. I actually wanna make film later on in life but that’s a whole other chapter. “C.A.R.D.I.E.L”  is raps punk rock. With the influences from Henry Rollins, Suicidal Tendencies, Black Lips and more.

If you had to choose one thing, what would you like to be most FAMOU$ for?

Being the best skateboarding rapper cus these niggas need to stop claimin’ they the ones. Y'all know who you are. Haha.

What can your audience expect from you going forward? (Goals, Drive, etc)

Moving forward it’s nothing but growth from me and my team. This year’s lookin gnarly.