Equator Club • "Hideaway"

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Equator Club is one of our favorite Chicago producers and DJ’s. Always good for intricate production that’s jam packed with movement, he’s giving us first look at his new track “Hideaway”. Equator Club has always had a talent for balancing the pounding, drum oriented beats of Chicago dance music with the more decorative aspects of modern production, and “Hideaway” embodies that disciplined approach more than anything. That’s reason to be excited, because “Hideaway” is the first peek at a project Equator Club has in the works, his first since 2016. "Hideaway" has a little bit of everything - driving percussion, big synths, bass  balanced with melody, and the occasional chirp of a cell phone.  If “Hideaway” is any indication, we can expect something special.

On top of that, Equator Club will be having his first performance of 2018 on March 2nd at the Chop Shop, where he will be opening for Medasin on the “Irene” Tour. Not a performance you will want to miss - you can buy tickets here. We caught up with Equator Club below, to get an idea his thoughts on “Hideaway”, what he’s been up to, and what’s to come.

"Hideaway" and last month's"Sorrow" were your first release in a minute, and you can hear a progression from your past work - how would you say your music is changing?

To be 100% real, both songs were old projects that I revisited more recently. It was kinda like I took a look at something that I was trying to push a few years ago and applied my new knowledge and techniques to them. Shout out to @damnson for releasing "Sorrow". That track had been in my reserves for a while. It was pretty much ready to go if anyone was willing to take it. With "Hideaway", it was quite a different story. This song has probably had 3 or 4 other “complete” versions. Every one of them was real solid, but I knew deep down I wanted more out of it. This final version is the product of me looking back at my work, peeling off the old paint and applying a brand new finish. 

My music is always evolving and I have been bouncing around different “genres” for a while. In all reality, I think that has been a blessing and a curse. I love learning how to make and perfect different kinds of music production. But when it came down to making my own style, it was always a struggle. Like I loved to creating tracks that would bang in a club but on my own time I was learning how to master the ukulele, for example. I spent the last year forgoing any “genre” expectations and really experimenting with my work. I would say my music has changed A LOT.

Is there a story you wanted to tell with "Hideaway"?

Like with every song I put out, there is always an underlying message/story. Rarely they are ever told in a linear or explicit way.  "Hideaway" takes a similar approach to a lot of my music in the past that’s it’s quite dreamy with broad imagery and fantasy. In my mind, a lot of my music takes place in a world with lush forests, rolling mountains, and flowing rivers. I think this comes across quite a bit in this song. Because of the digital aspects of my production, there is always a hint of science fiction in my work.  A literally hideaway is a place of refuge, safety, comfort. My airy vocals and melodic elements call for the desire to find a place like that. While the heavy bass and punchy instrumental elements portray the difficulties that need to be overcome to find it.

"Hideaway" is a sneak peek at something bigger on the way, can you tell us anything about that?

Oh man, yeah. I got 5 songs that are pretty different than any other music I have put out in the past. I have really taken the last year to take a step back and solidify my sound while experimenting with what I want as a creator. I have really taken to building a score rather than a song. Soundscapes rather and tracks. This upcoming projects will be the first time I have really not tried to meet any expectations and just put out the best product I can make.

You've got a show coming up soon - what can you tell new listeners about your live performances if they haven't seen you before?

Yes, I will be playing with Medasin at Chop Shop on March 2nd. It’s gonna be my first show in Chicago since last April, so I am going to take a different approach to the whole thing. How my Dj sets I always try to provide music that gets the crowd rocking and provides a familiar environment. While this one will be a DJ set, I will be showcasing the music in a way that I have never done before, bringing some of the experimental elements of my new production to my performance. I am currently working on building up my live set. Although it is not going to be quite ready in time for this show, I should have my full live set ready to go by the spring!