RYEN • 24




There’s no limit to RYEN’s artistry as he taps into a lane of his own with debut EP 24. A jack of many trades, the Chicago bred singer, songwriter and producer creates 8 different flavors for us to vibe to. Tapping in to a new wave of rhythm and pop with a spice of trap, RYEN’s electric melodies instantly grab the ear. With tracks like“Foreign/Jessica Biel”, “Alive”, and “No One Else” ft. Babijig, Ryen vocalizes about swift love, lustful affairs, infatuations, and life in the fast lane. Besides living in lust and in the fast lane, RYEN has experiences the double sided coin of relationships with “Broken Love”. RYEN’s vocalic harmonies shine through the strings of Cae Jones’ guitar on “Broken Love”, as he belts out “ I don’t know why men and women lie, if we could just separate and not live through this disguise”…piercing the emotions of those with the sentiments alike.

Equipped with thunderous keys, earthquake drum loops and provocativeness, RYEN sticks to his roots and pays homage to his heritage of Mexico, by spitting in his native tongue with tracks like “Tu Droga” , “Movimiento” produced by Goldfront & RYEN, as well as “Hyper”. The colorful, saucy and creative energy that RYEN provides with 24 are evocative of the explosive days of the Urban Latino reign circa 2004. Soak up the spicy energy of 24 on all streaming platforms.