Rookie • "I Can't Have You But I Want You"




Sounding like the lovechild of The Allman Brothers and the Cars, Rookie’s “I Can’t Have You But I Want You” is an earful of joy. View them in (mostly) bearded glory in this live Treehouse session, which was also recorded to actual tape! Was this the session that begat the a/b release of “I Can’t Have You…” and “The Move?” Only the band knows.   

They’re recently back from a weekend out with the Town Criers, or at least they played a show together in Philadelphia. Though they erased their first video from the internet, this feels an apropos replacement, seeing as the director of “One Way Ticket” (premiered on Noisey 04/2018) was a member of the Orwells, who some may know have been outed for predatory behavior, with much shadiness outstanding. It seems Rookie is into putting their best foot forward, while keeping things tongue-in-cheek.

There are definite 70’s sensibilities displayed in their methods as well as their songwriting. They switch it up, snapping snare and cymbal crashes a beat after when you’d expect them to fall, and yet they aren’t out of place. It adds a certain swing to their Dixie-tinged patois; a wink and a nod at their listeners. They’re attentive and laser sharp, most especially in the vocal arena. The three part harmonies just float like cherubs over an intensely choreographed wrestling match between the guitars and bass.  

If you need more Rookie vids you’ll have to go outside their Youtube profile. Their show list is currently bare, but keep an ear to the ground. These classic rock revivalists are just getting started.