Saba (Ft. theMIND) • "SIRENS"




Vividly walking us through a metaphysical world of harsh reality and truth, the potency of Saba’s and The MIND’s creative freedom and consciousness of survival shines through in “Sirens’ directed by Reed Jackson. Far more than a visual with an ideal narrative or message, “Sirens” bridges a gap between generations before and after… echoing the prophetic sentiments of their predecessor Amaru Shakur.

Under the creative direction of Reed Jackson, the sharp production of Max Gardner (A+M Productions) and Collin Davis’ wicked editing skills, “Sirens” subtly triggers the mental as each scene provides a wide spectrum of the joy and sorrow of life loss in the inner city. Allowing their emotions to bleed through the lens, Saba and The MIND tapped into their inner being to give the same energy they provide on the song…transcending the conception of “Sirens”

Musically and visually, “Sirens” creatively demonstrates how detrimental violence, political war and systematic oppression can be to the growth of the people...both young and old. As it shows in “Sirens”, Saba and The MIND are quintessences who understand that “ knowledge is power” as well as using one’s voice for the betterment of the world through self and artistic expression.