Ric Wilson (Ft. Sam Veren) • "No Hands"




Far South Side native Ric Wilson, invites us all to bask in his glow up year with the release of “No Hands.” The song, dedicated to everyone he has inspired and who has inspired him, is an uplifting ode of encouragement to young artists everywhere. The single is bursting with positivity by highlighting the artist’s success in spite of all of those who failed to see his promise.

The standalone single is a departure from what one would expect from Ric, with producers Madeon and Lido providing the beat, as well as Ric’s fellow band member Sam Veren rounding out the song with horns. On top of the whimsical tune, the rapper calls out teachers and others “who didn’t believe him” but now see him on tv.   

The song showcases Ric’s lyrical versatility while inspiring others to look to his path to success for motivation. Ideally, “No Hands” will challenge the listener to find strength to pursue their own artistic goals. When releasing the song, Ric Wilson declared, “[w]e young and we out here and we got this - I LOVE YALL.” “No Hands” is clearly emblematic of the artist’s love for his fans, and, is a great way to end 2018 and forge into the new year.