Glitter Moneyyy • "Drummer Boi"




Christmas with Glitter Money is more lit than a Dick Clark Christmas tree. Produced by BradKempmusic, giving us Too $hort “Freaky Tales” vibes… the Chicago rap duo put a nasty twist on the original Christmas carol “Drummer Boy” written by Katherine Kennicott Davis. Hitting harder than spiked eggnog, the instrumental served its true purpose to get the holidays cracking. Equipped with a steady flow and catchy metaphors, Glitter Money’s energy gave life to the chopped and screw sample of “come they told me, pa rum pum pum pum”.

Reminiscent of the legendary Millie Jackson, the vulgarity and humorous tone of Glitter Money’s “Drummer Boi” is for sure a holiday treat for adults only. Boldly priding themselves on being naughty, nice on the mic and unapologetic about the skin they’re in, Glitter Money’s refreshing verses places them in a different caliber of freak nasty. As TayySalyyy spits “ you better get me gifts cause I’m on the naughty list, Mrs. Claus won’t let Santa near these tits, now lick my p**sy like the way, I’ll be your guide all through the sleigh,” a sense of sexual and feminine liberation takes control of the moment. As the bells and snares sonically elevate the sound of “Drummer Boi”, so does TrAshley’s energy and ad libs as she spits “The holidays can be lonely, lord knows they can be lonely, used to be a gift to these boys, now I’m my one and only”. Dash through the snow for the holidays and puff puff pass with Glitter Money as you blast “Drummer Boi”.