Saba • "Where It's At"




Dropping a new single each week is a strategic move on Saba’s part. The west side native is maintaining relevance in the mainstream and referencing back to his album dropped in April, Care For Me, all while spoiling his fans with consistency in releases and production. It’s difficult to keep Saba’s name out of your mouth lately. What’s more impressive than dropping singles for six weeks straight? Dropping singles that continuously advertise and explore the diversity and range of the artist. With each song, there is no limitation to where Saba will take his music.

“Where It’s At” takes an almost aggressive approach that works well with the electronic background that highlights Saba’s flow. Contrasting his previous single, “Papaya”, which finds itself in an instrumental dream realm, while “Where It’s At” grounds itself as a fast paced, catchy, bop with a flurry of flows. On the second verse, Saba takes a distinct approach with “Where It’s At”, playing with his voice to produce an interesting, dynamic, a staccato rhythm and flow that contrasts the smoothness of the earlier verse and chorus. All of it is fluid and works well with the first song of Care For Me, “BUSY / SIRENS”.

With a fluid and memorable chorus, Saba’s voice shines through the synth background in “Where It’s At” and attempts to carve his name as one of 2018’s greatest. As 2018 approaches its end, Saba’s dexterous career is looking as if it is finally ready to be fully appreciated by the masses in 2019.