Saba (Ft. daedaePIVOT) • "Papaya"




Laid over a chill instrumental, “Papaya” singles itself out from Saba’s earlier releases with its dream like approach. Its delicate sound bridges itself more in line with his singles like “Excited” and “Stay Right Here”, but with a slower and breathier approach. Backed by longtime collaborator on the post chorus, daedaePIVOT’s soft and breathy voice sings the lyrics “Money that don’t mean nothing (Mean nothing)”, potentially in reflection of Saba’s recent success as he finds himself on an international tour headed towards Europe in the coming months. DaedeaPIVOT’s gentle sound continues the theme of this dreamscape song the two created. With a piano on loop, jazz like drum beats, and fingerstyle guitar played in the back, “Papaya” can easily drift you to sleep. On top of all this is Saba’s unique and raspy voice with his usual playful lyricism on the forefront.

Following a theme of self contemplation in each single, “Papaya” is no exception. Unlike “Excited” and his other recent singles which centers on his past and future path, “Papaya” finds Saba musing over a girl that did not seem to share the same sentiments as him. With lyrics like “I know you know me very well, ‘In love’ you barely feel” the song’s mood suddenly turns pensive in contrast to the initial chill and whimsical atmosphere it exuded. “Papaya” is the type of song you run in the background while lulling yourself into an imaginative daydream, getting lost in not only the lyrics and beautiful sound, but the emotion that flows through it.