Sunny Woodz • Roll Up




Just in time for the holidays, Sunny Woodz delivers a gift for the current season - a Chicago rapper/producer garnering positive national attention for whom the whole city can cheer. With his latest album, ‘Roll Up,’ Sunny Woodz demonstrates his lyrical versatility and serves up a nuanced, well-produced, and utterly enjoyable album.

For someone who once said that he made music for the homies to chill and smoke to, Sunny Woodz’ star-packed, bass-heavy, new album is chock-full of bangers indicating that the artist has expanded his goals. Unless he meant to make music for truly spirited and energetic smoke sessions, ‘Roll Up’ is a carefully curated album full of talented Chicago rappers that will defy you to sit still while listening.

“Pipe Up,” the first song on Sunny Woodz’ new album ‘Roll Up,’ will make you want to teleport from this brisk Chicago winter to a yacht party in the summer. It is a standout track on an album brimming with standouts, including star-studded features from well known local artists and frequent collaborators Twista and Supa Bwe.

Other highlights on the album include “Pay Pay” and “Freak”. ‘Pay Pay’, featuring Bandland ZZ and Twista, showcases Woodz’ versatility as he raps alongside Twista’s quiksilver delivery. The album is mostly produced by YF-Beatz and ZenZanBeats, with DJ Victorious and Lil Mexico Beatz producing “Pay Pay”.

If there is any justice in the world, ‘Freak’ featuring UG Vavy should be the breakout trap hit of the album. If anything, the lyrical content gives an inkling of why the artist calls himself a DJ, Audio Engineer, Producer and Pornstar on his instagram page.

Just in case people who are still seeking music suitable for smoking feel neglected, Woodz delivers “Its All Love” featuring Clark Airlines. The song starts with the artist taking a hit before pleading with the listener not to “blow his high.” Listeners can also take a breather (pun intended) with the smooth sounds of fellow Harvey, Illinois native Chimeka singing and rapping on a track featuring fellow frequent collaborator Supa Bwe on “Fire Emoji”.

The artist has grown exponentially from the chill, happy yet simpler beats on his last album. “Roll Up” grabs listeners from the onset with ‘Pipe Up’, taking them on a stylistically versatile lyrical voyage. There are some songs sprinkled in along the way to allow the listener catch their breath but ultimately, the album does not let up on thrills until the tail end of the last song - Staycation. In the middle of a Chicago winter, this fantastic voyage, brimming with hot vibes, and evoking dreams of summer is just what the city needs.