Elton • "LUCID"




Those of us who have or are experiencing their twenties, can understand how strange that period of time can be. During that frame of life, you’re either in college, working, focusing on your passions, figuring out life, or more often than not, doing all of the above at the same damn time. Some of us are plagued with phones bills, rent, or some other draining form of responsibility. Needless to say, your twenties can be a challenging time of untangling the ins and outs of adulthood.

For all those many ups and downs that come with adulting, “Lucid” by Elton is a therapeutic getaway. It’s motivational lyrics will urge you to keep going and know that you’re not alone. Singing over virtual, futuristic styled chords, Elton says, “I just took a nap and woke up in heaven”. We all dream about the moment our success has come into fruition. He details how he’s been working towards his dream, wanting to help his mom, and vividly seeing when all of his hard work pays off.

Whether you’re in med school or an upcoming rapper, we all know how tough it is working toward our accomplishments. “Lucid” is the motivation tapping you on your shoulder, telling you to keep going, it is the reassurance giving you a big hug and a “me too” to remind you that you’re not alone on this journey. This year is coming to end, if you feel like finishing with an emotional push, take a listen to “Lucid”.