Sims x AIR CREDITS x ICETEP • "Cannon"




Serving as a canvas for humble teaching(s) and proactive knowledge, Cannonproduced by ICETEP and AIR CREDITS, propels Minneapolis and Chicago hip hop into a realm of futurism. Fluently bouncing off the dynamic energy cooked into the beat, Sims and ShowYouSuck exercise their voice for the freedom-less as they spit “Riding all day for my kinfolk, tell em’ that I’m looking for em,” and “there go cannon on me, there go bounty me, I ain’t sleeping good”. Knowledgeable and aware of today’s political and social climate, AIR CREDITS’ ShowYouSuck and Doomtree’s Sims, are utilizing their art as a tool for those who are voiceless in the eye of the oppressor, belting out lines such as, “cross the border for ya, even climb a wall, with no bans on us, get those bans off us, tell us how to ball”.

Fully loaded with high caliber rounds, on “Cannon”, the foursome rides for a cause and purpose that’s bigger than themselves… capturing the ear and mental with their fluid flows, conscious content and creative expression. Uttering words like “give up paranoia, sleeping at a cause, got a cannon on me, raise a cannon on me, aim it at the wall,” and “I’ve tried every drug tryna find a feeling more appealing than to love you,” its evident that love is to hate as apples are to oranges… although they are opposite(s) a purpose exist. Step into the world of “alternative” futurism and listen to “Cannon”