VICTOR! • "+"




Rising r&b producer-vocalist, VICTOR!, returns with a heartfelt love letter titled “+”. Surrendering his vulnerabilities, VICTOR! uses transparency to open up about an ongoing, and complicated relationship. On "+", plucks of guitar strings welcome listeners to an introspective session of VICTOR!’s realizations regarding his love life. Effortlessly, VICTOR! braces the mic with his comforting tone, elevating his bravado, he sings “There are days I’m horrified, that you won’t be my side”. Depicting his fear of losing this special person close to him, VICTOR! moves onto reveal that he also understands some decisions he made may have left them hurt. Realizing his faults, VICTOR! unravels a plan to keep them by his side. Listening closely, he takes the audience from his dark room of hopelessness and overthinking, to considering taking action, and quietly, sneaking into their window. As guitar strings fade away, VICTOR! emphatically says “I want to keep you till the sun goes down, and more”. Thoughts overbearing, VICTOR! wants to be honest about how much of an impact this person has made, enough so that that they’ll be companions for time to come. While VICTOR! is young, his wisdom of the heart, however, feels beyond his years, especially on songs like “+”.