Victor! • "Portra 400"



Victor! makes an appearance with his methodical track “Portra 400”. As a local buzzing artist he has focused on elevating his joyful sound through experimentation. On “Portra 400”, Victor creates a danceable, pop setting. As the song begins, the combination of a scratchy, glaring drum beat and mystical production, lay a solid foundation for Victor!’s melodious wordplay to catch the beat effortlessly. Progressing into the chorus, Victor! Blesses the song with meaningful lyrics, “besides the empty feeling, I’ve been thinking of your face” allowing listeners to connect with his compassion. In addition, chimes are incorporated into the production to add another robust layer. Moving forward, echos of background vocals increase, expanding the soundscape, as Victor! pours on themes of hope, love, and forgiveness. Towards the end we are left with  whimsy, bright chords as Victor’s voice echoes in the background “Bring it back, Bring it back, Bring it Back”. Be on the lookout for more new music from Victor! and check out the track above.