Tasha • Alone at Last




Tasha Viets-VanLear is not only a singer, songwriter, and poet, but also a revolutionary, spearheading Chicago’s social justice movements. With her debut album, Alone at Last, she masterfully illustrates, with her poetic language and hypnotic voice, the Odyssey like expedition of navigating the conflicts of living in these political times. As a woman of color within the LGBTQ+ community, her album serves to validate herself as she traverses a world of cruelty, and allows those similar to her to share in this reclamation of oneself.

Constantly combating a society that casts aside those who are different, Tasha’s debut album is a reminder that one can do so in even the smallest of ways. Indicating that resistance to self loathing and discovering love in all the parts of yourself that you have been told to hate, Alone at Last is a soothing and therapeutic work of art for the soul. It is a cathartic release to the dreamers who relentlessly crave a world that will one day accept them as they are. Tasha’s “radical softness”, as she claims it, advocates one to find themselves, reclaim what is theirs, and suggests that what is yours will always be yours.