Rich Robbins • "Bloom Bloom"




The self-proclaimed “Curator of Self-Love,” Rich Robbins has delivered a song, “Bloom Bloom,” that will have you longing for love in summertime Chi. With this bonus single coming at the end of his album, "Red Butterfly," Robbins affirms his reputation as a talented lyricist and sends his listeners off on a quest to find someone who will say, “Tell me what you want, I really want you.”

Bloom Bloom, produced by G-Slow, flows from another G-Slow produced track on the album, Butterfly Wings. Whereas Butterfly Wings hits you hard with the underlying beats, Bloom Bloom, envelops the listener with the slowed down bass, layered vocals and altogether mellow vibes.

In the video, a playful and creative vignette, the audience follows Robbins, first having a picnic with two versions of himself. He is then clad in an animal costume, carrying the head. The video directed by Carter Green appears to indicate that the artist is himself trying to find self-love. He croons to the head of the costume, offering flowers and cajoling the head to tell him what it or he actually wants.

On the surface, Bloom Bloom, with the repeated shouted references to love and summertime, is an instant summer bop about love. However, when Robbins demands that we “make room for the boy” and tells the aunt he lost when he was 14 that he’s “on the come up,” it’s clear that this song symbolizes his emergence from a cocoon, coming into his own as an artist.