Saba • "Excited"




Rolling out singles in such a steady pace as he continues on his tour representing Chicago overseas, is an impressive feat alone. However, it is the quality of each single and the distinct impact on the audience is what truly sets Saba apart from his fellow artists and elevates him even further toward stardom. Each track, Saba demonstrates his personal evolution in style, attitude, and technique. Not to mention the amazing production from Daoud, DaeDaePIVOT, and Saba himself, together creating an intricate and wavy flow.

“Excited” keeps the mood mellow and fresh, with Saba delivering each bar with such certainty there is no question that he is carving his name out as one of Chicago’s greats. Furthermore, Saba’s hook development increases in greatness with each track dropped, especially in “Excited” where his vocal layering is both impressive and too irresistible to not sing along to. The smoothness of the hook is highlighted even more so by the contrasting, fast paced verses enveloping it. Delivering lines like “New shit coming like a tidal wave, Been in that booth like five whole days”, Saba’s dedication is obvious. No one can question Saba’s love for his craft, especially when taking one look at the production, the lyricism, the consistency of quality, and the timing, it is not only obvious, but embedded in his work.

With all the continuous singles dropping, PIVOT gang fans have been wondering if this is a sign for a new project from the Chicago born and bred group? Check out “Blood” by PIVOT gang if you’re looking for new music from the crew.