Adamn Killa • Back 2 Ballin 2




Living out loud through artistic expression, Adamn Killa’s second installment of his “Back 2 Ballin” series catapults him into a wave of his own. Teleporting into a futuristic time lapse, Adamn cooked up eighteen moods for us to choose from. Solidifying his artistry for quite sometime now, it’s clear that he’s been honing his craft with “B2B2”, as he manages to tap into a new dimension of “trap rage”.

The production on “Back 2 Ballin 2” provides a different bounce to Adamn’s unorthodox style. With tracks like “I Dare” produced by Jaguar Claw, “Piggyback” produced by Kilo Beats & Yung Lan and “Salad” produced by DeliverTheCrush, Adamn seemingly takes pride in his expensive taste, lengthy tresses and infinite finesse. Aside from draping on h--s and effortlessly stunting, Adamn Killa is defying naysayers as he vibes to the beat of his own drum with tracks like “3Ms” produced by TM88, “MLS” produced by Jasper and “Morning Sun” produced by DeliverTheCrush.

Naturally inclined toward his rockstar persona, it’s Adamn’s oddly satisfying vocals that entraps the ear. As he candidly expresses his lifestyle on “No Faux” produced by Pharaoh Vice and Taz Taylor, uttering words like “I remember I had an aching tummy wayback when nobody wanted nothing” and “Anything that you do somebody in this world gon’ hate”, Adamn illustrates authenticity and personal triumph… arousing the sentiment of those alike. Proving to be more than a caption worthy artist with his wacky content, unconventional cadence and engaging adlibs, Adamn Killa captured a “weirdo trap” wave with “Back 2 Ballin 2”. Catch the anti-fake energy  provided above and stream “Back 2 Ballin 2” on all streaming platforms.