Mick Jenkins (Ft. Ben Hixon) • "Reginald"




“Reginald” from Mick Jenkins’ album Pieces of a Man is a pep talk dressed up in metaphors, bars, and wordplay. The Chicago based rapper reveals his growth as an artist and challenges others to do the same. Mick informs other rappers their work is like “reggie”, and in order to be considered “Loud” (or anything other than reggie or mid), they must perfect their craft. He uses a creative and relatable metaphor to push other artists for success in their rap careers. This advice can also apply to any artist. Mick Jenkins always compliments his songs with thought-provoking and/or lively, fun videos.

His visuals usually include great cinematography depicting aspects of black livelihood. In this video particularly, Mick and his friends are jokingly playing the roles of cops and robbers. Dressed in bad wigs, mustaches, and suits, Mick and two other friends are detectives chasing “Lil Reggie” “Big Reggie”, and “The Chef”. Appearances are made by Chicago artists, Delr0n, Qari, TheMind, MFnMelo, Green Sllime, and Randy Chapo. Visuals do not always have to relate directly to the song, and Mick does a great job in finding that balance. Plus you can tell he’s having fun!