Saba (Ft. Xavier Omär & Mick Jenkins) • "Stay Right Here"




Saba consistently proves himself to be on top of the game. With his album, Care For Me, which dropped in April, he follows up with his new single “Stay Right Here” and does not disappoint. Infusing influence from past songs in his Bucket List Project, like “Bucket List” and “Photosynthesis”, Saba honors his past while developing a new course and a new voice for himself.

Though the song’s content is in reference to life in the streets of Chicago, the delivery is nothing short of a heartwarming experience. From each rapper’s playful lyricism to the jazz like influence on the beat, this song is a euphoric remedy for the sham and drudgery of everyday life, ringing with new found hope for what the future has in store. Xavier Omär’s hook, “So just stay right here, Love me from the mountain to the grave right here”, is infectious, producing a smile to anyone listening. Following that, the artistic pairing of Saba and Mick Jenkins is a recipe for success, with both artists lending their lyrical genius to the track, they are a duo that cannot fail.

Following Care For Me’s dark journey, “Stay Right Here” is a bittersweet and sentimental conclusion of Saba’s somber beginnings. It takes your hand and guides you to the surface for a breath of fresh air after being submerged in the dreary experiences of life for so long.