Lil Durk • "Neighborhood Hero"




Serving as the lead single to his Signed to the Streets series, Durk’s “Neighborhood Hero” produced by Niaggi instantaneously grabs the ears. The flick of the lighter gives the track an official mixtape feeling, seeming like an ode to the mixtape great Lil Wayne. The instrumentation of the harp, the slight kick of the 808 and snares became the canvas to Durk’s “hood” illustration. While harmonizing his pain and truth on “Neighborhood Hero”, Durk’s words entices the emotions of listeners, belting out words like “When I'm off the drugs, I swear I'm steady throwin' tantrums, Angelo told me once before, he want a Phantom, I can't say no 'cause that's my son, I gotta answer”.

Returning to old stomping grounds, the visual for “Neighborhood Hero” pays homage to the city of Chicago, his fans and influencers of the culture. With the direction of Nem Perez, Flynn Drew’s cinematography and Naked Gallery’s production, Durk and his team truly captured the essence and culture of the city. The authenticity of the “Neighborhood Hero” visual matched the energy of the song. Catch the vibrations provided above and check out Signed to the Streets 3 on all streaming platforms.