Cupcakke • Eden




Just weeks before Cupcakke was set to embark on one of her biggest tours to date, opening for a major label artist backed by the event promotion juggernaut LiveNation, she decided to drop-out after issues with the booking agents and payments. The gutsy move proved to be the right one as the tour eventually got canned, but also because Cupcakke was then able to completely focus on Eden, her second album of the year and the follow-up to January’s Euphorize.

Eden, titled in honor of her middle name, is a concise project featuring 12 songs packed with catchy hooks, sprawling bars, and club-ready production. Throughout the album, Cupcakke’s songwriting is bracing. Whether she’s rapping about sex, parenting, relationships or autism awareness, Cupcakke is funny, poignant and honest —often all the at the same time. There’s a rawness to her that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. On the tailend of the album when she spits “I am a whole ‘nother fabric,” it’s obvious to note that it’s not a flex as much as an unreputable statement.