Smino • NOIR




It’s been a year since blkswan, and everyone’s been waiting for new music. Room 25 by Noname blessed us with a verse and we were teased with singles “L.M.F” and “Klink”. Smino has finally released his highly anticipated sophomore album Noir.

Smino’s new album is a dedication to the hoodrats, the prep school kids, college dropouts and any other person who falls into the black diaspora. The 18 track album consists of jazz, hip-hop, r&b, and reggae influences. Smino details his success as an upcoming artist, his transition from St. Louis to Chicago, and loving on his girlfriend. There are also fun songs that detail getting drunk, high, and just having a good time. The album includes funny colloquial skits and features from Bari, Jay 2, Dreezy, Valee, and Ravyn Lenae.

Noir gives us a balance of turn-up, vibing it out, twerk, and slow grind. “Klink” is a great song to twerk to in the club. “Pizano” is a great song to liven up any party. Play “Tequila Mockingbird” if you want to buss a whine. When you’re in a grown and sexy r&b mood,  “Low down Derrty Blues” or “MF Groove” will work. If you just need a good song while driving down LSD, “Hoopti” is there for you. Overall Noir is a well rounded album where each song is not limited to the same sound.