Freddie Old Soul • "What We Do Now"

Fresh off the presses and a day after her 25th birthday, Freddie Old Soul arrives with an intense new visual for “What We Do Now”. Produced by Nefarious Cloud, the song comes from her latest project All Black Trill Shit released last November. Shot and edited by Mike B., Freddie’s self-directed debut is a shocking but candid depiction of white supremacy’s grip on people of color around the world. As an agent of progression, Freddie Old Soul seeks to awaken the spirit of her people using her artistry, “2018 is the year of influence and change. I push change. My role in the Chicago renaissance is healing through words that invoke power.”

While growing up in the 100s on the south side of Chicago, Freddie began pursuing her music career during her Sophomore year at Morgan Park High School. After developing a relationship with some of the hardest working artists in the city, Freddie found herself a home to hone her craft, “I record with all my friends but mostly with THEMpeople. I can just vibe out and lose myself when me and Lboogie link up.” She aspires to provide spiritual nourishment through her music in a way that can never be anticipated. From what we know Freddie’s audience can, “expect my music to bring out the greatest joy, the realist pain, and everything else that dwells in the heart space.” With plans of dropping her new EP titled Sink sometime in February, we can only imagine what Freddie has planned next.

Find out more about Freddie Old Soul with the Q&A below.

The video has such a fine balance of soft and aggressive imagery, what aspects of the video do you feel leave the biggest impact on the audience?

I truly believe the audience will respond to the fight. They should be able to relate to the actual struggle to be released from the grip of their troubles. The way beautiful flowers and blood come together with images we all are so familiar with to portray the contradiction and mislead term that is freedom.

All the splicing of pro-black figures within the video really enforces your message, what exactly did you see in your mind as you wrote the song?

I saw an intolerance. I saw an obligation to no longer contradict myself on a mission to be healed. I wanted answers. The way a child wants answers about why the sky is blue. I saw a willingness within my spirit to admit that I to have contributed to the pain, and I pose the question what we do to enforce the law of togetherness because no matter how alone I feel, 2018 is a spiritual battle for many.

Do you plan on directing more of your videos in the future?

I honestly plan on directing all of my videos. No one can tell my story the way I can. I get a vision and I have to manifest it.