Nnamdi Ogbonnaya •​ "H0p Off"

Directed by Jake Karlson // Lighting by Bayley White

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya is premiering the one of a kind song "hop Off" with a video to match the energy. The album it can be found on is Drool, an impressive project that took off like a rocket this spring. The project was a look at the ennui that can take hold when we become too content and forget to push forward, motivated by the idea of moving beyond that stasis. The sound was that idea manifest, and "h0p off" in particular found itself running as far away from monotony as possible. With endless spirit and a vibe bouncing off the walls, "h0p off" is a completely unique track reflecting Nnamdi's creativity.

Featuring Nnamdi going for a bike ride, pogo sticking and some dancing on the sidewalk, the motion of the song is always reflected. And as always, Nnamdi's personality shines through, bright and upbeat and optimistic. In terms of tempo, "h0p off" was one of Drool's peaks, the perfect track for the video treatment as new fans flock toward the talented artist and multi-instrumentalist. If you're new to the party, don't worry, it's never to late to start hopping on! Watch the video and see what Nnamdi has to say in our Q/A below.

Drool as a project had a lot to say, particularly about complacency. How does Hop Off play into that?

"h0p off" is one of the bouncier tracks on DROOL. It's also one of the songs that isn't as lyrically straight forward as some of the others. Unknowingly sometimes when i think an instrumental is catchy and simple enough on its own that's usually when a lot of puns and play on words come in, in place of typical story telling. Not always, but I've noticed I usually spend a lot more time on the lyrics, incorporating jokes and flipping words that probably aren't apparent to anyone but myself. But just knowing the song title alone before the first chorus even hits you can, hopefully, understand the vibe the song is trying to convey and then with each additional listen pick up on things you didnt catch the first few listens.

Your music itself is very visual (vivid?). What did you want to convey with this video?

I did this video with my homie Jake Karlson AKA Wizzy and Bayley White. I've done several videos with Jake in the past. I let him take the wheel on this one.

What's your favorite place to bike to? And how long can you pogo stick for?

I suck at pogo sticking! Really bad. I have horrible balance. I like biking to LaBagh and Sidney Yates Flatwoods to get out of the city and feel some nature.

Finally saw you perform at Wicker Park fest and it was a fantastic performance - what's your favorite aspect of performing live?

Thanks. I love watching people being vulnerable. Performing puts you in a vulnerable state because (usually) you want the crowd to enjoy it and each time its different groups of people, different locations and with all these changing factors, you have to consistently be able to captivate an audience. It's a wild experiment of human communication. And on the other hand Fuck it, i just want to go crazy and try to have the most fun regardless of what the environment is. Shit can go wrong at any second and that's the real beauty in live performances. That's why there are so many videos of comedians bombing on Youtube. People love that shit.

You've also been performing with Monobody, how do you find the balance between your work as their drummer and as a solo artist?

I try to make every musical venture just as important as the other.  Monobody and my solo music have slowly become my main bag but it's never too difficult to find ways to make whatever needs to be done happen.

2017 has been a big year for you and it's been awesome to watch -  what have the changes been and what are your goals for the rest of the year?

2017 is/has been real dope! I have this upcoming tour Next month opening for Vagabon, and after that I have quite a few things in the work musically I'm trying to complete this winter! I'm always ready for the next level, continuously moving towards that life of stability and comfort until i'm as comfortable as I can be! Whether this comfort comes as a result of me making music,  or designing a pair of mittens for baby squirrels I'll continue to release art/thoughts/work that I enjoy and care about into the atmosphere that will hopefully influence others to do the same