Premiere • Lloyd Dotdot: yello

If you’ve been around the city long enough, then without a doubt, you’ve come across theWHOevers at some point. The northside duo has remained a force of lyricism for nearly a decade now. Since 2010, Je$$e Arthur and Lloyd Dotdot have released over 10 full length projects. Coming from the very boom bap scene that Chicago hip hop was built on, overtime theWHOevers helped pave a way for traditional hip hoppers to explore new and unique ways of music. Today, we find Lloyd Dotdot releasing his sophomore solo work, yello.

It’s been nearly eight years since Lloyd’s first solo project, the Dotkomplimentary Mixtape in 2010. Although the new EP feels a little overdue, it couldn’t have come at a better time. That’s right, this yello EP is a perfect trunk blasting summertime Chi companion. Not only does the EP feature work from Je$$e Arthur, Slot-A, and Vertual Vertigo’s DJ Japandrew. The new EP showcases the up and coming beatmakers The BaCKpaCKers, with a feature from Justin Graves as well.

As Lloyd prepares for his visual release of “97’ Pimp Flo”, be sure to catch theWHOevers live on Friday, September 1st at Subterranean in Wicker Park.

 What inspired the name of the project?

“yello” was inspired by the color yellow haha. It’s been my favorite color since middle school. I always have rocked yellow often with my outfits. I was the kid wearing big yellow vests, and jackets a lot. Yellow also gives that happy, positive feel. It's got the energy of some hype but mellow shit, which is kind of like my personality. I dropped the “w” at the end because I figured, this isn't a W? (theWHOevers) project.  The last inspiration for “yello” is  because I like mangos a lot.

I like the midwest 90’s feel of the album, what inspired you to create this mood throughout the project?

Being from Chicago, you get inspired by the city’s sound, artists, and rhythm. So you're going to hear some Inspiration from Lupe, Kanye, Twista, Common, Chance, and all that Midwest shit because that's the sound I grew up to. The city is my teacher.  Plus, you know the Midwest is a melting pot of all the coasts in the nation because it’s in the middle, so you might hear a little inspiration from the South, West, and East Coasts .

 As far as production, how does this project to stand out amongst your previous solo work?

The beats are a lot more upbeat and has more bounce to it. My previous solo works had a lot of jazzy, boom bap type beats, which I still love, don't get me wrong, however,  I wanted to make a project that shows my growth as an artist. At the same time, I don't have to dumb down any lyrics as well. But overall, I just wanted people to hear something they've never heard from me.

In your opinion, where’s the best place to listen to the album? In the car with the windows down and the system up, or chilling at the crib with a good set of headphones?

It's definitely a summer album, so in the whip with the windows down is always nice, but also, it wouldn't hurt to listen to it with a great set of headphones so you can hear everything. But honestly, the best place to listen to is wherever you're comfortable, because being uncomfortable just sucks.