Premiere • Vela Seff: "Wassup"

Vela Seff of Decent Militia has a brand new track - it is the truth,  and is definitely very out there. The song is "Wassup", produced by Draedaskimask, and it’s an X-Files oriented banger that Vela Seff puts one his best verses yet over.  With a simple yet catchy hook that Vela Seff take the reigns of, “Wassup” will get stuck in your head quickly. But Vela has always been good at a catchy song, and there's more to it than just a hook. Vela Seff is a legitimately good songwriter, and now we're really starting to see that in his verses - his raps are getting better and better with every release.

Like most Vela Seff tracks, "Wassup" is a track with a big beat and unstoppable flow from the Decent Militia artist. And honestly, this is one of Vela's best outings yet, staying lyrical and keeping it high energy for a track that hits all the bases. And once again, Draedaskimask annihilates the beat. It all comes together for three minutes of heat, and should make you look forward to what else Vela Seff has up his sleeve for the rest of the summer. Wassup? "Wassup" is whats up, believe that.

How would you describe your sound?

I don't have one distinct sound. I can do it all. I don't like to box myself into one specific sound.

X Files fan? The beat turned out crazy.

I've never seen xfiles. The producer draedaskimask sampled the theme song and it turnt out hot as hell. 

What's something new fans might not know about Vela Seff?

I'm in college studying sports administration. Producer/rapper/student. 

What do you have in store for this summer?

Dropping my first project in July + more visuals and shows.