Premiere • Seer: Secret 2 My Strut

Seer's sounds are far from predictable (be careful not to hurt yourself trying to make a Seer Type Beat on your own). The Chicago via Arkansas artist is a hip-hop producer with a killer voice, who lives in left field and fills his tracks with the unexpected. His music has surprised listeners from the beginning, continuously ahead of the curve and the competition. But his music goes past production, and Seer is premiering his debut solo project through These Days, Secret 2 My Strut. On it, Seer's vocals and production come together for a departure from his past work and a real introduction to Seer the artist.

It's an incredible EP, but didn't come out of nowhere - Seer has quietly been creating some of the best production in Chicago, with an impressive library after just 3 years of creating music here. First making waves as a member of Beach Jesus (then as half of Natural State), Seer now dazzles the ear as one of the primary producers in the ascendant Decent Militia, as well as being affiliated with Chicago collective Wholeteam. Decent Militia is without a doubt creating some of the best tunes in Chicago at this moment and Seer's production is a huge part of that.  In the last 6 months he's taken the reigns as sole producer of two excellent EP's, I See Money by Stunnaman Stacks and MESSiCO by BigBodyFiji, setting him apart as a producer who understands how to make a project that flows naturally, part director and part beat maker. 

But now he's put out Secret 2 My Strut, and it's the Seer Show. It's a slightly different vibe than his past work, sunny and summery, but just as weird and just as catchy as you've come to expect. His killer vocals stand out in the project - Seer is a legitimately great singer-  and the production stays completely fresh, while still being a little more low-key than some of his other work. Over 4 tracks, Seer explores a strange genreless mish-mash of tunes ranging from hip-hop to pop and rock, with the only common thread being that each and every song will be getting stuck in your ears. It's the perfect summer EP, and the perfect intro to Seer, who keeps surprising fans with every release. Secret 2 My Strut is different, and demands a listen. We caught up with Seer below, who told us a little more about the album.

What story did you want to tell with Secret 2 My Strut?

Its a story about relationships and how you can never quite agree on what ya'll "are". Its also about knowing you constantly tweak but still walking tall and knowing you're cool as shit  

How is it different creating a solo project versus producing for other artists?

Its nice because there's a lot more room to experiment and a lot more dancing and weird voices. But its also a slower process and its easier to fall into overthinking shit and losing focus. 

What is some of the imagery you had in mind when creating Secret 2 My Strut?

I guess just different scenerios or like lil moments. I picture like being in a car with the windows down or like trying not to wake up when ur lady is getting ready for work. Its hard for me to not just picture the actual scenarios I'm talking about in the songs. 

What's something people might not know about Seer?

I have an ass tat.