Premiere • BigBodyFiji: "Fake Love"

BigBodyFiji is going into the summer hard with what's sure to be a wild concert at Reggies tomorrow, June 15th. But before that could happen, you knew a last minute release would be waiting for you. Now, he’s premiering his new track “Fake Love” (hosted by Squared Hill), once again switching it up with a new flow that you didn't see coming and some top-notch production from Dexter. "Fake Love" is unpredictable in the best way, feel good, high energy and totally unique.

Fiji is on a tear, make extra effort to check out him and the rest of Decent Militia at, along with Nina Tech, for what's sure to be a very real night. The concert happens right after the release of MESSiCO, a project that defied expectations and made a strong statement. Throw in some truly ridiculous production from expert beat-maker Seer and you had a one-of a kind project in ‘MESSiCO’.He'll will be performing MESSiCO in it's entirety for the first time tomorrow at reggies, and I gotta guess "Fake Love" will be in there as well.  Tickets here!

MESSiCO was really impressive and really out there, what was your intention with the project? And did you protect the Crunchy Kurls?

I didn't have any specific intentions, I kind've wanted to make something I had to challenge myself to make though and Seer definitely did that. And haha nah nah.

This song is crazy and all over the place. What were you feeling when you made "Fake Love"?

I actually don't know, I was there when Dexter made this beat and I was mindblown, he made it quick as hell too. I instantly told him we back at it, it had been a while since we worked since "Suh Dood" so it was great to work with him again. 

What can people expect from your show at Reggie's tomorrow?

I won't say much, but I plan on pouring my heart out. I'm excited to see the guys perform as well. 

Plans for this summer? Got anything else on the way?

I'm a fall back for a while after the show, work on putting out more visuals for the "MESSiCO" EP. Btw he's home! Haha, but I'll be dropping another EP sometime next week after the show hosted by Squared Hill. Other than that I'm working on pushing the collective now.