Yomi (Ft. MFn Melo & Blake Davis) • "Come Closer"

With her new #THATHARPIST mixtape set to come out this week on May 18th, Yomí has released one of the most intriguing and beautifully made records of the year so far. Yomí’s emergence has been tough to figure out, billing herself as an experimental harpist and gravitating towards Chicago’s hip-hop community. Her work speaks for itself though, and her genuine enthusiasm and undeniable talent carve out a unique space for her to stand in. She puts on an impressive live show, but it is her natural ear for music that sets her apart. She creates full sounding songs that have many moving parts, making every repeated listen rewarding and fun. While the harp may be the signature of her brand at this point, it is nowhere to be found on this harsh, lo-fi industrial beat made entirely on the computer. The song, engineered by Jasper MacRae, handles the different edges in delicate fashion to keep the raw, fuzzy noise in line with Yomí and Davis’ gorgeous vocals and Melo’s energetic verses. The result is fantastic, feeling like a collaboration between Portishead and Gorillaz in all the right ways.