Round Up • New Releases From Adot, Louis The Child, Wellium & More

Each week the These Days staff comes across great music from Chicago artists that we could not provide individual features for. In an effort to keep our readers up to date with more of our recent favorites, the Round Up segment provides quick summaries and additional noteworthy content. Check out our latest picks below and feel free to submit a comment if you feel we missed something.

ADOT • "Untitled"

ADOT is a name that's been buzzing through Chicago, with a sleepy flow and a creative knack for songwriting. His songs keep it simple but have an irresistible pull to them, and on "Untitled", we hear this aesthetic. The production creeps along and ADOT gives some inspired verses on his motivations. He's got the secret stuff, space jam style, and I would expect to be seeing a lot more from ADOT for the foreseeable future.

C$ • Project Wave

C$ (See Money) is dedicated to some classics on his new mixtape Project Wave. This is an extremely solid remix album, one that, above all, showcases C$'s impressive rapping ability, never slowing up and never getting old, despite revisiting all older music. Moving across hip-hop eras, Project Wave is proof that C$ is not screwing around when it comes to writing, hungry and ready to rap. 

Daryn Alexus • "Wild Flower"

Daryn Alexus's new project Wild Flower is a very strong display from the Chicago via DC singer. Since we began posting her music, she has continuously impressed with a knack for vocals and especially songwriting. But Wild Flower is absolutely her best work yet, and Daryn Alexus continues to get better and better. What also should be mentioned is that the album was produced by another Chicago via DC artist, Dee Lilley, who's production is just fantastic. Wild Flower he takes it into a different direction, almost blues, in a way that fans of his will definitely be interested to hear. 

HighLifeDre (Ft. Brian Fresco) • "Big Shot"

HighLifeDre is on a roll right now. A member of the Treated Crew, this is someone with a major skill for delivering quality tracks on a consistent basis. In fact, he just released one last week as well, titled "Roll With Me", also quality. But here we have "Big Shot" and excellent track featuring the talents of Brian Fresco. Between Treated Crew and SaveMoney, you absolutely cannot go wrong. Listen below!

Louis The Child • Love Is Alive EP

There's no denying it, Louis The Child had a massive year. With a huge fanbase, and followers in high places, Louis The Child started fast and only pushed it from there. Well, now they've released their Love Is Alive EP, a project that never stops moving and is sure to be a success at parties everywhere. There's not much else to say, we know these DJ's and producers know how to make you move. It's time to get your dance on.

Manic Focus (Ft. ProbCause) • "Big Shot"

Manic Focus keeps the local electronic beat moving with some vocal help from rapper ProbCause on this new slamming track, "Putting All Of My People On". We know Manic Focus likes it loud, as he's been making it clear for years, and "PAOMPO" is no different, albeit in a more trap direction. What's also cool to see is ProbCause, who has been quietly creating a lane of his own as a rap artist capitalizing on electronic dance music.

Meech • "HBH"

Apologies to Meech and our readers, we took way too long getting to this track! Meech has quietly been creating some really, really great music for the last year, and it's no secret as to why. He's got a killer voice, lyrics that engage the listener, and an ear for song writing. Also, he seems to work exclusively with producer Mic Lee, who kills it each and every time. If you haven't started listening to Meech yet, there's no time like the present. Listen to his track "HBH", then listen to everything else on his soundcloud.

Wellium • "BEL1EVE"

Wellium's new EP BEL1EVE makes a strong statement, over 3 tracks that introduce Wellium as someone with a solid sound and a killer voice. It's his vocals that stand out, emotive and constantly switching up his style. With production from Monte Booker, EP1DMC and Ty Knoxx, there's plenty of good territory to flow over. We're looking forward to hearing what else Wellium has in store for us!