Loren Joseph (Ft. Malcolm London) • "Slight"

Don't let yet another new moniker confuse you, Loren Joseph is the same old Logan we've come to love over the years. 2016 saw Logan change up his name to Logan Cage and for his first new release in 2017 he switches up again. Now known by his government name Loren Joseph, the south sider carries on without breaking his stride. 

Produced by CEO Beatz and 5HERiFF, "Slight" features frequent collaborator Malcolm London and both he and Loren pull a slight flex on their listeners. It's encouraging to hear new music from Loren, but he's still working towards and we're still waiting on the long awaited and highly anticipated follow up to 1636. It's pretty incredible that Loren has captured our attention for so long off the release of loose singles and short EPs, but we're ready for those album cuts he's been keeping all to himself. 

Patience is a virtue and you can't rush greatness, but like the song says, Loren hasn't been this hungry in a while. I'd bet we see that follow up sooner than rather than later.