Smino (Ft. Jay2) • "Blkoscars"

The Grammys may be over, but this weekend many of us are looking forward to what promises to be a historical Oscar Award weekend. With a total of six black actors nominated for a variety of awards in the ceremony, 2017 holds the tying record for the most minority Oscar recognitions. In preparation for the Academy Awards, Smino debuts another timely release with the second song off of his forthcoming album, “blkswn.” The song, which is literally titled “blkoscars,” features production by Monte Booker and fellow Zero Fatigue member Jay2, who starts off the track with a quick fire verse. 

“Blkoscars” provides a fitting follow up to Smino’s last release, “Anita,” which he debuted in support of black womens’ rights. As Smino raps over Monte’s throbbing beat, he says, "I can feel it in my bones", and we can feel his confidence. We can only hope that the 2017 Academy Awards are better than last years, which led to the infamous #OscarsSoWhite outcry. Watch the Oscars this Sunday to find out, and stay on the lookout for more singles from Smino as he gears up for the release of “blkswn.”