JBro Bugatti (Ft. MFnMelo & JOFRED) • "Bands On Me"

Photo by Tom Vinn

Photo by Tom Vinn

Fresh off the presses: JBro Bugatti’s debut single, “Bands On Me” is here for our enjoyment. The new track features stellar contributions from Pivot Gang’s MFnMelo and one of JBro’s Private Stock affiliates, JOFRED. With a title like “Bands On Me” one might assume this song is just another track for mogs to flex on, but it’s not. JBro’s new song may have all the fix-ins of your run-of-the-mill banger, but if you listen closely you’ll find that the lyricism digs deeper than that. Along with his collaborators, JBro talks about his aspiration to achieve said “bands” rather than spend them. Instead of bragging about what he has, JBro uses this track to outline his goals as well as the people supporting his ambitions.

It’s important to JBro Bugatti that he always be associated with relatable, feel-good music. Right now he’s working on his debut project, an EP by the name of This Moment Right Now. With more work on the way, JBro’s listeners can always expect him to bring a good helping of positive energy to his music. Seeing as the 21-year-old JBro has only been at this music thing for a good year, expect to see plenty more artistic leaps as his career progresses.

If you’re looking to get better acquainted with JBro and the Private Stock squad, you’re in luck. On December 14th they’re hosting their first ever toy drive at Tonic Room. There, you can witness the greatness of the Private Stock team with L.A. VanGogh, JOFRED, Marvelous, and of course JBro Bugatti. Until then, let the warm vibes of “Bands On Me” soak in and check below for an exclusive Q&A with JBro himself.

Where did the inspiration for this song come from?

This song was made at 7 am, I woke up at the studio from a drunk night before and I literally had a lot going on in my mind at the time and I just kept thinking about the future and having so many bands my family doesn't need to worry about anything anymore. It's crazy because I feel like I'm more creative in the morning but a lot of artists are the opposite. 

I see this is your debut single, what are some significant things that you’ve experienced along your journey so far?

I've experienced a lot of greatness and a lot of fakeness but at the end of the day, my journey keeps going so I take a lot of the positive with me and leave the majority of the bullshit. 

I know JoFred is Private Stock gang, but how did the feature with MFnMelo come about?

I've actually known Mufuckin since I was 16. Way longer than I've known JoFred, I actually shot one of his first music videos back then. And my brother is actually (Dam Dam) of The Pivot Gang. 

What about being an artist in Chicago excites you the most?

I have everything at my fingertips and imma use every bit of everything I can!