SoloSam • "Fast"

Photo by  Myron J Hicks

Photo by Myron J Hicks

Coming at you today is SoloSam’s latest video “Fast” directed by StripMall Productions. For those of us unfamiliar with SoloSam’s work, this new visual is but a taste of the genius he has yet to unveil. A self-produced gem, SoloSam uses “Fast” to show the audience just how ready he is for whatever may cross his path on the way to success. Although he’s been in love with music since he was 16 years old, SoloSam’s been pursuing music seriously for the better part of two years. Since then we’ve seen a handful of strong singles from SoloSam as well as a project titled EPOCH. Produced by some familiar names like 10A, HyRich, and BanksTheGenius, SoloSam’s EPOCH is a short but very sweet display of Sam’s lyricism. SoloSam isn’t afraid to put his all into his work and you can bet your last dollar that he’ll continue to do so in the future.

SoloSam aspires to make music based on his own tastes and nothing more. This isn’t to say that his music isn’t made for others to enjoy but creatively, he’s only influenced by the music he genuinely admires. “A lot of what I work on comes from my idea of what good music is to myself, it's always easy for me to be authentic in what I create.” Right now SoloSam’s not too focused on getting booked for shows. Instead, he’s choosing to better his craft and rightfully so. Over the next twelve months expect to see two self-produced projects from the Chicago MC. The first body of work to look forward to will be ITIS, which will be something of a variety platter of what his music will look like going forward. After ITIS is released SoloSam looks to drop egocentrism sometime in 2018. If you’d like to see what else is good with SoloSam make sure to check him out in the Q&A below.

What about making music in Chicago gives you life?

So many people compare the music scene in Chicago(especially the rap scene) to crabs in a bucket. That concept to me as true as it is, it makes me work harder when so many people are attempting to do one thing you have no choice but to feel and work like you are the best. Once you branch out of Chicago that work ethic you learn here, it shines and it’s like a beacon to other people who can tell you're from here.

How did the concept for this video come about?

Well, StripMall Productions heard the song and instantly thought the dramatic sample that I picked for the beat had a movie feel, specifically Oceans 11. So they took that idea and ran with it, during the shootings I had some suggestions and it just worked with the video and it was a great collaboration with them. It’s so important to let videographers do what they want in videos, that's their domain and I am just a tool in their craft.

What’s the most important message that you want your audience to take away from the song?

That even though life comes at you fast, always be a little bit faster. Don't stress and worry just focus on what you're doing and try to maintain.

As your career progresses, what are some things your audience can always expect to see from you?

Further along down the road, I want to connect with my audience a lot more. I want to not only inspire people who follow me but get to know them and become fans of what they are adding to this world. I want to be known as an artist who changed the world for the better and taught people self-love, I believe self-love leads to selfless love and you can commit that to yourself and the world around you.