Luke Titus • ASIDE OF LOVE

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Luke Titus is an incredible drummer, and he’s now making a name for himself outside the sticks. Luke does it all, writing, vocals, production, samples, drums, vision. His new album ASIDE OF LOVE makes that transition from drummer to center stage official. But it’s not just the process that puts Luke in the limelight but the content. ‘Aside Of Love’ is personal, and the life and identity of the man behind the drum kit is being revealed. 

 ASIDE OF LOVE is about the feelings that come along for the ride of romanticism. What you experience, aside of love.  Like falling head over heels, ASIDE OF LOVE is manic and bright, and emotionally amplified. The intro “Welcome to the Show” tells us we’re observers to Luke’s story, listening in on his life. At the same time, the message is “get ready”. It’s Luke’s life, but this could be anyone. And if it’s you, you’re about to go on a trip.

As Luke puts it, “the album is about how my experiences with relationships, love and self-love have impacted me. I want people to take away some kind of of new perspectives on the idea of love. Whether it’s relating one of my stories to an experience of their own, or just remembering to love yourself.” Finding love internally is just as important as finding it externally, maybe even moreso. 

ASIDE OF LOVE begins with Luke trying to fall out of it on “Glass Slippers”. He reminisces, “I thought that I had time / to come and getcha / you were my Cinderella / now you’re wearing someone else’s glass slippers”.  Morose, jumpy, not sure what lies ahead. But turn the corner and the following track “Running” sees Luke on his way to someone new. Skipping with eagerness, Luke sings “You and I could dance all night / know that she’s coming / could it be you? / I hear her runnin’ …you ask what’s new / I say oh nothing”. From one track to the next, the vibe moves from bummed to optimistic. The tone of the album is set, Love may not be easy, but high or low, count on feeling something.

As life happens to Luke Titus, he puts it into song. The pinnacle is “U”, featuring Ravyn Lenae, two artists making a whole. The rawness stands out. “U” expresses fear of good things happening. When love materializes, when it hits rough patches, “driving down the Kennedy until we become friends”. The work it takes to keep a relationship together. “I’m not verified, I’m terrified / we’re not too young, we’re afraid to fly”. There’s so many unknowns, love is worth the effort.

 Luke Titus’s past as a drummer informs the whole project. ASIDE OF LOVE is full of complex rhythm, always off-kilter, flying into space. Luke's internal confusion is reflected in the composition. His vocals also match the chaos, at times making what amounts to two different rhythm sections. Singing confidently, hitting high notes, Luke is not afraid to emote. In his production, Luke’s dedication to craft manifests as well. ASIDE OF LOVE sets the mood with production that always feels some type of way, whatever way that may be. Much like love itself, the feeling is equally nostalgic and present. Caught in your thoughts but demanding you in the here and now.

The personal nature of the album shows that Luke is prepared for the attention that comes with being a solo artist. Luke doesn't fear letting the audience in, and he's able to keep his love for rhythm while being able to effectively communicate vocally. This won't be the last we hear from Luke Titus. Rest assured, where ASIDE FROM LOVE ends, a new story begins.