Premiere • Xavier & The Thrill: "Vanity Fair" & "Fog Parade"

Directed by J.Frank

Our friend formerly known as XVRHLDY had a rebirth late last year, deciding to quell confusion and add back in those pesky vowels to his name and a new component to his music called The Thrill. A component that has remained somewhat of a mystery, but Xavier promises clarity is on the way soon in the form of future live performances. Revisiting Xavier & The Thrill's debut project The Thrill which was released this past September, Xavier and his lady Yessi brave a cold winter night in Chicago in the name of vanity for the visuals for "Vanity Fair". The couple can be seen enjoying an evening at Navy Pier stunting on the rest of the sightseers as captured through the lens of director J.Frank.

While The Thrill remains in our headphones and continues to entertain with the release of additional content like the above "Vanity Fair", Xavier is already preparing a followup. This new project doesn't have a name or release date for just yet, but in 2017 Xavier has made it a priority to avoid over-editing his music and release his creations as he's inspired to create them. We still expect the Xavier's creative process to include the same thought and effort that has brought us some of our favorite tracks in the past, but Xavier wishes to give listeners a raw perspective to what he's passionate about in the new year.

As a preview to the aforementioned new project, Xavier & The Thrill have paired the release of their "Vanity Fair" video with a new single called "Fog Parade". I'm told "Fog Parade" will be on the new project, although the version we're hearing today is not in its final form. Brave the adverse weather and embrace the uncertainty that is "Fog Parade".