Premiere • MANWOLVES: "Sauce"

Directed by Strip Mall Productions

It was a wise man who once stated, "If you don't have sauce, ya lost. But you can also get lost in the sauce." That man was Gucci Mane, and this is a sentiment that recent TheseDays regulars Manwolves have seemingly taken to heart. The Evanston jammers’ newest visual "Sauce" kicks off with the clip of Guwop dropping said gems before diving headfirst into a journey of sorts, complete with shady, back alley warehouse meet-ups, car chases, luxury tow trucks and an adorable puppy. Throw in the wild and colorful editing effects, along with this particular tune's inherent sense of urgency, and the whole package feels like one big adventure. Take the trip with them and watch the visual for “Sauce” above, then check out our Q&A with Manwolves below.

So where did the name MANWOLVES come from?

Jamie (lead vocals) • When I was a kid, I watched a movie called American werewolf in London. Even though it was extremely cheesy it still scared me because of my age. My mother wanted to lighten things for me so she would tell me stories about "manwolves" to mock it. When I grew older I started calling my group of friends Midwest Manwolves and it stuck. After a while when we fully became the band we dropped the Midwest and became Manwolves.

Love that you guys have this Gucci Mane clip as the intro to your video, what sort of influence has Guwap had on you guys and your music? What other influences have helped shape your sound that others might not expect?

Jamie • I just really like Gucci and he's raw. That's how I'm influenced by him. Influences that people might not predict apart from Gucci include Flying Lotus, Pino Palladino, Chris Dave, Alabama Shakes, and Taylor McFerrin.

You guys are obviously a fan of the booze (despite the age), if the MANWOLVES was an alcoholic beverage, what would it be and why?

Jamie • Of course because of our age we don't drink, but if Manwolves had to be a drink it would be Admiral Nelsons.

Where in the world did those 2 SUVs come from? Is there really an Escalade tow truck in these streets?

Michael (Trumpet) • During one day of shooting a blue Cadillac tow truck pulled over on the side of the road we were filming on. I went over and talked to him for a bit; he ended up being super down to be in some shots and called up his buddy who came with his truck. Those shots were some of the coolest shots in the video, huge shoutout to Exotic Towing Chicago.