Premiere • Xone White: "Complicated"


If you've been paying close attention to the side of stages or the notes on some of your favorites projects as of late, you'll probably recognize the name Xone White pretty quickly. The smooth crooner has begun carving a lane for himself, with a sinewy style that seems to always add a particular layer of understood soulfulness to any track he's featured on. Stepping out from the featured side of things, having worked alongside Stefan Ponce, THEMPeople, Smino and many more, White takes some time out once again to deliver some solo material in the form of "Complicated" that TheseDays is proud to premiere today. The single is a furtherance of the sounds we first got a taste of on last year's T.A.W.P. Operating out of Classick Studios, the young man is really starting to find a groove here. Check that out above, a Q+A below and much more on the way.

Take us through the concept of this track?

 The basic overall concept of this track is that accepting your imperfection is perfection. No matter how many times you mess up, your complications are what make you who you are. It's ying and yang.

How did this single come about?

Elias came up with these dope chords while we were cooking up in a session at Classick studios. We had the theme down recorded that same day. I wanted a dichotmy of a sad concept with a happy production. We've altered production as well as lyrics until we felt that it was right. We are happily singing about Complications. 

What's 2017 have in store for us?

2017 I'm releasing my E.P. Broken Mirror. That concept is that a mirror shows us self-reflection. However, that mirror being broken exemplifies all the different characteristics of good bad righteousness evil etc...When you put all these pieces together they make a full piece and a full reflection of ourselves. This is the concept for Broken Mirror. I also have been getting a lot of opportunities to collab and I really want to do so and expand my sound and relationships

How would you characterize the kind of music you're making?

Right now I would characterize my music as the most honest music I have ever made. I started with no pressure to tell people that I don't have pressure being who I am. Complicated is about being ok with being complicated and many times we love certain people because of certain complications they have. A lot of times people want things they can't or shouldn't have.

 What's on the horizon for Xone White?

Far as what's on the horizon, I would say the sky is the limit. Marquee my producer and I are focused and ready to bring that organic sound to everybody. We have so much work we have planned to put out and as long as we stay working stay humble and stay learning we'll grow and mature into something much bigger. I have received nothing but love and positive reception so I'm really inspired right now. I'll only be as big as how hard I work.