Premiere • Chai Tulani (Ft. Christian JaLon & ALI): "All The Way"

Like our current cover story indicates, Chicago is flush with new and prospering talent and we take pride in covering them as much as possible. Of these many new artists flooding our speakers and headphones is Chai Tulani, a Kenyan born and Chicago raised emcee that has been on our radar for some time now delivering high energy and positive raps consumable by all.

As Chai gears up to release his new album Rebxl, he has teamed up with fellow newcomers Christian JaLon and Ali of the New Kingz to preview the album via the release of "All The Way". All products of you Chicago based youth artists programs like Young Chicago Authors and Friday Night Lights, the collaborations did start with "All The Way" and won't likely end here either and each continue to build their respective brands.

Entering a new year with new content on the way, Chai Tulani and friends are going all the way. If you're not prepared to give it 1000% this year, Chai, Christian and Ali are about to eclipse you with their work ethic starting with the Nothing Left produced "All The Way".